SwayOS 2.0

SwayOS is a productivity-oriented minimalist and super elegant desktop layer for unix-like operating systems. It is a collection of configuration files, open source applications and open source applications created exclusively for SwayOS ( Sway Overview, Wayland Control Panel, Wayland Favorite List, Visual Music Player and MultiMedia File Manager ).


SwayOS is a productivity-oriented, resource efficient and elegant desktop layer for unix-like operating systems. It uses a tiling window manager so you don’t have to deal with minimizing/maximizing/moving windows any more. Windows are placed automatically and always open. To avoid crowdedness you place your windows onto workspaces.

Discussions/Issues/Feature requests : https://github.com/swayos/swayos.github.io/discussions
Source : https://github.com/swayos/swayos.github.io


WIN + numbers : switch to workspace / open overview ( long press )
WIN + SPACE : open application launcher
WIN + SHIFT + Q : close focused window
WIN + SHIFT + numbers : move focused window to workspace with given number

Additional shortcuts that make work easier

WIN + arrows : set focus to neighbouring windows
WIN + SHIFT + arrows : move window to a new position inside the workspace
WIN + R : resize mode, if there are more windows in a workspace you can press WIN + R, resize window with arrows, then press ESC
WIN + ENTER : open a terminal
WIN + SHIFT + ENTER : open browser
ALT + SPACE : switch keyboard layout if there are more
WIN + PrtScr : take screenshot
WIN + SHIFT + SPACE : toggle/untoggle floating over a window


SwayOS install scripts are available for Void Linux and Debian Linux ( >=12 ). On other OS’es and distributions you have to install the needed programs yourself and copy everything to your home folder from home/.config, check out the void/debian installer script.

Installation on Void or Debian :

Start with a clean minimal install of any of these systems, with network connection. Then

wget -O https://swayos.github.io/setup
bash setup

Optional Post-installation todos

UI Structure of SwayOS

SwayOS’s UI has two parts : the status bar ( on top by default ) and the window area under the status bar. The status bar has the following sections from left to right : workspace block ( indicators ) , hardware status block ( in the center by default ), clock and quick launch icons block.

Usage of SwayOS

By default you have these applications :

You open apps by pressing WIN key + SPACE or by selecting them from the favorites menu.

Recommended multimedia applications :

Photopea for Photoshop replacement ( www.photopea.com )
Inkscape for vector graphics ( Illustrator replacement )
Natron for video post processing ( After Effects replacement )
Davinci Resolve for video editing ( Premiere Pro replacement )
Shotcut for simpler video editing
Blender for 3D modelling and rendering ( 3DSMax/Cinema 4D replacement )
Steam for gaming. Enable proton in its settings and you can play 95% of all windows games


Frequently Asked Questions

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    xkb_options "grp:alt_space_toggle"


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patreon : https://www.patreon.com/milgra
bitcoin : 37cSZoyQckihNvy939AgwBNCiutUVN82du

Known bugs